Using superpowered technology

天美娱乐appOur technology centers aren’t just awe-inspiring. They’re essential tools in our reseach and creative work. At other top-tier research universities, massive supercomputers like our are typically reserved for faculty. But IU gives students access to supercomputing and to some of the best IT and technology resources in the nation.

Technology wonderlands like the allow you to develop your expertise with research tools like 3-D modeling.

IU students use visualization technology for a video art project.

What do a music student, an informatics student, and an anthropology student have in common?

At IU, they’re likely working together on the same research project. Our research culture is driven by the understanding that our most successful work combines ideas from diverse subject areas.

天美娱乐appThink of the IU research environment like a dating pool, and imagine that pool is the size of an ocean. And then add an atmosphere of openness and inclusiveness, and you’ll get an idea of how easy it is to expand your horizons here—through research connections you never thought were possible.

天美娱乐appResearch experiences build your confidence and give you an edge in the employment market. Many IU students have used their research backgrounds to create new technologies or new companies—before they even graduate.

Get your ideas out there

Whether you’re on the road to becoming IU’s next great environmental advocate, social media scholar, or robot designer—the world is waiting for your contribution.